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Best Student Credit Cards

Best Student Credit Cards

Students are now one of the economically active categories of consumers that banks want to be interested in with their offers. Many students have a job and are fully solvent, and in general, today’s student tomorrow will become a young specialist who makes his first major purchases; a car, an apartment, these are exactly the borrowers that banks want to see among clients.

Credit cards for students are no longer a rare product. Typically, such offers have a slightly reduced maximum credit limit (for example, if a classic credit card of a bank has a maximum credit limit of 4.000 dollars, then a student card will have a limit of no more than 2,000 dollars).

Also, using student cards, banks impose more flexible requirements for work experience and income confirmation. Although most banks prefer to see the student’s income not only from scholarships but also from additional work, in principle, you can apply for a credit card.

Specialized student cards

If you need a credit card to use while studying abroad, you have several options. The easiest way is to apply for one in your country before traveling.

Citibank makes it easy

Applying for a credit card abroad can be difficult. Citibank is one of the best options because it offers a simple process. Most US banks require a social security number to issue a credit card to a foreign student, but Citibank does not. You have a credit card for international students with no annual fee. And the bank account also has no monthly payments.

Bank America Card Cash Rewards

Good option for a student credit card allows college students to build good credit without spending money on annual fees. In addition, cardholders have several opportunities to earn cash on purchases that they make in any case, such as gas and groceries. In particular, for students living out of campus and attending class, using these benefits brings much-needed money back into pockets.

Discover it Chrome for Students

Discover Chrome for students credit card from Discover Financial Services does not incur annual fees and offers a number of benefits to give young customers the best chances of developing good borrowing habits. Discover customers who can check their FICO account for free as many times as they want without subscribing to credit monitoring or other paid services.

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